Ordering Information

To Purchase Photographs: note the title of the image,  indicate print size, whether you want the print from the original slide (if applicable) or the digital file, and any special requirements. Email me with this information and I will reply with a price quote (including shipping) and a lead time.   All information is kept confidential and is used only to fill your order.  Send email to bruce(at)carloye.net

Thank You!

Prints from slides

*5"x7" $50
*8"x10" $75
8"x12" $80
*11"x14" $90
*16"x20" $150
20"x30" $190


Digital Prints

up to 5.5"x8.5"  $45
up to 8.5"x11"*   $60
up to 11"x17"   $70
over 11"x17"   get quote


*prints made these standard sizes are cropped.  Indicate "full-frame" if you don't want cropping.  Full Frame prints have a height/width ratio of 2:3.

Note: Digital prints allow greater flexibility in print size and color correction.  Prints  from slides offer superior detail, smoother tonal range, and better archival properties

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