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About me

    The impetus to take up photography first germinated in me while canoeing at sunset on Priest Lake in northern Idaho at the impressionable age of eleven.  The  abstract cinema of many-colored patterns on the water’s surface entranced me and I wished to capture that experience and show the spectacle to everyone.  Lacking the proper equipment, that wish lay dormant but ready for over a decade until in the winter of 1992 I gave myself an SLR camera as an early Christmas present. 

Immediately I began developing techniques to capture and evoke the fleeting qualities I saw in water.  My fascination was not limited to water, however.  Just as I perceived a wave moving through water, I sensed in my surroundings a certain flow and varying presence.  I began to explore how to translate this sensibility to film with other subjects – nature, human form, black and white texture, the contoured hills of the Palouse region of Washington State    My body of work expanded greatly in 1995 when I excused myself from my job as an electrical engineer in Houston in order to spend as much time as possible in the backcountry of the Northwest.  I developed a spiritual connection to the physical world during this time, a way of listening that formed the basis of my life as well as art.

    When I returned to Houston in 1996 I discovered dance as a meditation, first in the form of Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms(TM) then in a practice that emphasizes energy centers in the body.  I had known since high school dances that I liked to dance, and was fascinated by the prospect of a spiritual practice involving it. Dance began to fill some holes in my life at the time.  Beyond the sheer creative athletics of it all, dance connected me, thrust me beyond my introversion, and brought touch back into my life.  As I continued I began to understand my body in a new way, to discover how dance taps into the unconscious layers of my being.  When my birthday rolled around in 1997 I took a cue from another dancer in the community and held a dance party, taking my first step towards becoming a facilitator.  This, along with a budding event series called Expressions, inspired me to hold my first annual pumpkin dance, a ritual dance celebration marking All Hallows Day.  The following year I inherited the reigns of Expressions, and my career creating exotic environments for regular folks to dance in and about took hold.

    In July 2000, I gave notice to my employer and began a journey to find my home back in the Northwest, finally settling in Seattle in the fall of 2002.  I have been fortunate to arrive just as the "ecstatic" dance community begins to blossom.  Along with Scott Robinson, I now offer a weekly dance called Flying Turtle.  We're a friendly bunch.  Take a look at the dance events or movement arts listings pages.  In 2006, I began a community dance/art/play celebration called Changing Room.  We create an interactive art installation, provide a whole bunch of costumes, and play around with dramatic music. 

    I am indebted to Mark Larsen of the Artery in Houston, Texas.  Mark’s unselfish way of weaving together community through art and his resonance with my way of seeing helped shape my view of my role as an artist.  In fact, Mark was the first to make me realize that I have that role when he offered to show my work at an Artery event.  Mark curates my work at the Artery to this day.

    With the Artery as an inspiration, I use my artistic talents to bring together community.  I periodically hold themed dances, drawing many talents out of the growing circles of my community in Seattle - from transforming the dance studio into an interactive environment, to sharing poetry or ritual to set the tone at the start.   I offer my slides to augment events such as theater productions, groundbreaking ceremonies (newspaper photo), dances  or even small gatherings and dinner parties.  I also create dances for individuals in my community to mark significant events in their lives - for instance if someone goes through a relationship transition,  illness, reaches a milestone, or goes on a journey , I offer to bring our community together to dance in support of that person.

    My work continues to evolve and I would love to hear your ideas for new directions.  Thank you for visiting my web page!