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Part 1
Drop-In Movement Events/Classes
Click on the event title for more detailed information


Flying Turtle Dance
-Freeform w/music-
8-10pm Wallingford $12





Soul Motion
-Freeform w/music-
11:50am-1:15pm Fremont  $5-10


Dance Sanctuary
-Freeform w/music-
please follow link to verify event
8 -10pm Fremont $10?

Body of Movement
Freeform w/music-
October 17th, 2017

 11:50am-1:15pm Fremont $5-10


Ecstatic Dance Seattle
-Freeform w/music-
7:30-9:30pm Capitol Hill $10

OmFlow: Dance/Movement/Circus Arts
-Freeform w/music-
Wallingford $12

Dances Of Universal Peace
-Unified sacred movement/chanting-
7:30pm Wallingford donation($5)


Synthesis Dance
-Freeform w/music-
7pm Wallingford $12

 Mindful Movement
-Freeform w/music-
1st/3rd Thursdays
10am -11:30am Shoreline $15





 Freeform Dance Dance
-Freeform w/music-
10am -12pm Northgate $10




Ecstatic Dance Seattle
-Freeform w/music-
10:30am-12:30 Capitol Hill $10

Sweat Your Prayers
-Freeform w/music-
10:30am-12:30 Capitol Hill $16 / $18

Contact Improv Jam
2-4:30pm Capitol Hill $5-8

OmUnity: Yoga & Dance
-Freeform w/music-
1st Sundays
Wallingford $12

-Freeform w/music-
2nd Sundays
Greenlake $12

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Part 2: series, periodical, etc
This section lists groups that either work as a series rather than a drop-in basis, are periodical rather than regularly scheduled, or are beyond the scope of the above listing.  Use the links and contact info to learn more


Contact General Description
Dance Camp NW!   Annual gathering for a week packed with dance and other offerings in a beautiful setting in the NW.  Run by consensus, this is blossoming as a nexus for dance communities in the NW (ok, largely Seattle oriented, but all are welcome!) Go ahead, click on the link to the left!

Steve Condit

InterPlay is an improvisational practice that playfully explores the things a body can do - move, make sounds, tell stories, sing, and experience stillness.

Authentic Movement

Susan Baum authenticmovement(at)

Movement from the psyche.  Taught/practiced in committed weekly study group (usually Thurs eve) or intensive weekend workshops

Changing Room

Bruce Carloye

Community created dance playspace.  3 parts ecstatic dance +1 part theme camp + 1 part solstice parade + costumes = Changing Room. 
Dream Dance


Moon Dance  

Moondance is a monthly dance gathering for women (trans or cisgender) and nonbinary folks. We actively work to create a space where women & nonbinary folks can dance, play, sing, cry, laugh, share, and enjoy siblinghood, support, and connection.

Roth 5 Rhythms™ Classes/Workshops

Christine Havens

Instruction in the 5Rhythms™, the spiritual, ecstatic dance work of Gabrielle Roth, (enriches any freeform dance), on-going series and intensive workshops.  Sign up for Christine's newsletters
Dances of Devotion

Virginia Carhart
virginiadancer AT

 Ritual dance co-created around archetypal themes.  Facilitation to be resumed soon.  For women only.

Contact Virginia to be notified of upcoming dances

Body of Movement Bruce Carloye and K. Beth Hollingsworth
Uses 5 functional centers in the body (corresponding to Chakras) to evoke a dialogue betweeen being and body through dance.  We work together to weave our stories and support each others' exploration


Dance aerobics working with the energy body.  Classes at different studios throughout the region (and nation)

Belly Dance




Leslie Rosen

Nabeela El Shalimar

Adriene Rice

MIRABAI @ Eastlake Yoga  7:30-8:30 Thurs $14
2501 Eastlake Ave E

Bodyversity Nala Walla

In THE BODYVERSITY, we will consider body-based practices as a University--a place where we come to deepen our understanding and seek Unity in our education. Since our body is our primary link to the Earth, a variety of mindbody disciplines will inspire our work. Simple games based in movement, sound and story will be used to create dialogue around the pivotal Earth activism of our time: "The Great Turning" of humanity towards a just and sustainable culture


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A Springboard For Your Dance Travels Through Cyberspace

Dancing with the Chakras
Special Dance Events
Roger's Dance Page (info, musings, links)
More dance options on the calendar of (mostly performance oriented, but also some relevant dance events and classes