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 Changing Room
Community Created Dance Playspace

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The Changing Room Transformational dance, immersive art, ritual theater come together in an ongoing series. Everyone stars in this dance theater extravaganza!

Here’s the deal:  In the Changing Room we dance immersed in art installations that, like the accompanying music, inspire full expression of ourselves - and beyond ourselves! Costumes abound as we embark on a journey encountering a cast of serendipitous characters, ever changing as we collectively shed and adorn anew. We pass through stages of ritual as the Changing Room itself morphs. Passageways emerge, space opens and closes, a shift in light portends. What possibilities will the Changing Room awaken inside of us?.  Step into the Changing Room, try on a few of the plentiful costumes, and see what happens.

 Changing Room is Community Created!  That means you!  We start with a motif and basic physical structure for creating the playscape and invite anyone who wants to create or offer something within that structure to do so.  We even provide friends to help manifest your visions.  You provide your imagination, props from your attic, working hands, perhaps an idea for an interactive offering at the dance. Whatever catches your fancy.   You don't have to help out beforehand to come, but if you do you  get in free.  Sign up to help out!  Check in on the Facebook community page

About The Next Changing Room

Our theme for the next Changing Room:
~Behind the curtain awaits a Universe of Worlds~

Imagine stepping into the cosmic Changing Room, hangers full of possibilities. You shed your everyday self, which crumples to the floor in a heap before the mirror. What's this? Brushing aside the veil in the back of the stall reveals a secret passage. You navigate the billowing maze which thrusts you into a vast space of twinlkling lights and neighboring worlds.The strange gravity of the entrance to a new world pulls you to explore. The magnetism of music carries you. In each world you step into you encounter the odd customs of the inhabitants. You are are at once curious and a curiosity. Why not try something on here, there are so many costumes. Is this your new tribe? From here we explore, separately and together, through space, the worlds within and without. And always, the music provides for us. This is a dance like no other.

On March 8th we offer you this portal. Yes, a Changing Room vestibule, a mysterious passageway, a twinkly center space, "worlds" you can dance into and explore physically, sensually. You can be a blindfolded spaceworm in Et'han's Wombology world, brush through the paper flower world, immerse yourself in the water world, try to escape the black hole vortex (or transform it into a portal to a new universe). There will be costumes and therefore strange fellow creatures dancing through your journey. Experience the freedom of dancing masked and unmasked. There will be a stargazing area with tents and sleeping bags and journals.

Join us for a workparty or bring about a vision of your  own.  See community page for updates.


Call for Artists! 

Want to be a playscape design lead for a future Changing Room event? Small budget involved, with a little extra for you as thanks.


See if you want to help out with the current Changing Room

Contact Bruce

Dust off that ART installation piece in the garage!

Do you have potential props sitting around you'd like to put to use?  You know, that crazy thing you made for your Solstice Parade float/burning man camp/Winter Feast/theatrical set.  Masks, costumes, lanterns count!  Show your stuff at Changing Room...

Contact Bruce

Help! Help!
Nitty Gritty Details Here.  We wish to manifest (so far):


  • Large Cardboard Boxes (Refrigerator, Scooter boxes, etc)

  • Veils

  • Battery operated "tea lights" or LED strings.

  • Rope lights

  • Freestanding coat tree, hat tree, costume rack

  • Sleeping bags

  • Small (2 person) Tents

  • Bubble wrap

  • Binder clips

  • Balloons, especially large

  • More Costumes (labelled to insure return)

Items requested are for loan unless noted- we will happily and gratefully  return them!

Helping hands and skills

  • Transportation for materials (van, truck)

  • Ritual Shenanigan conspirators

  • Greeters/Doorpeople

  • Clean up crew/Set up crew

  • Changing Room chamber portal design

  • Creators of freestanding interactive Altar booths

  • Spreading the word


Contact Bruce

The Changing Room guiding principles:

Changing Room
 ~Behind the curtain awaits a Universe of Worlds~

March 8th 2014
OmCulture Studio
2210 N. Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98103
Located on the corner of N 35th and Pacific Ave N near Gasworks Park


Changing Room is a partner of the Fremont Arts Council check them out!