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Tuesday Contact Jam

a space for open movement and dance exploration.

2nd Tuesday of the month

9-11 pm
Open Flight Studio
4205 University Way NE

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Contact Class and Jam:

Grass Roots

Studio at 5609 34th Ave SW

Weekly Contact Class

Every Thursday - 6:30-8:30pm

January 18-May 31


Cost: $10 or $40  for 5 class card

Listening inside and out, this class uses the physical sense of touch and the intimate architecture of the body to communicate/dance on the principles of proximity, weight, balance, rolling, sliding - from slow to fast while maintaining a sensitive state of awareness.

Monthly Contact Jam and Potluck

Every Saturday ---All year round

2:00 - 4:00pm Jam

4- 6:00pm Potluck


Cost:  $3-$8

An open jam inviting those who wish to dance to share the space together. If you wish, bring a dish and stay afterwards.  All donations will go toward a new hot tub that will become a part of this monthly jam and potluck.


Contact -- Phone: 206-935-0459 -- Email:




Facilitated by Franklin Markowitz


Please join the circle at 8:30 pm on the first and second Friday of each month as The Morphic Field is accessed at Dance Underground. The Morphic Field is not only a scientific reality, but also a dance with its focus on intention. By setting intention, and utilizing world music, we create an ecstatic state within which we have the opportunity to align ourselves with our hearts desire. Focusing our attention and intention on our hearts desire enables us to access The Morphic Field which is the source of all manifestation. Dance on its own is a powerful force, and combining it with intention magnifies this power. Come join us for two hours of beautifully assembled music, as we dance into being our most heartfelt desires. Every first and second Friday of each month at 8:30 pm we have the opportunity to shape our lives as well as the world around us. Cost is $10 per person.


For additional information call or email Franklin at 206-406-7283, or

(last Wednesday of the month)
6:30pm - 10pm, improv begins at 7pm
Capitol Hill

This is a new monthly group improvisation lab with an orientation towards performance
Please join Vanessa DeWolf + others to investigate and discover and play in group improvisation.  Please note that this is not a jam, but rather for improvisers who are interested in improvisation as performance, and in inquiring around the form.  Vanessa offers specific experiments as a starting point for the group.

THE LAST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH, 6:30pm - 9:30pm, warmup+talk begins 6:30, improv begins at 7pm

Please contact Vanessa to confirm any particular month! (see contact info below)
(1417 10th Ave #C, btwn pike and union, go thru doors to Sweatbox Yoga then follow hallways to back)
all interested, viewers and participants (Please contact Vanessa before coming - see contact info below)
it'd be great to have multiple forms and genres represented
we might do: movement, theatrics, speaking, writing, drawing, wear makeup, wear costumes, play. . .yes play
email: vanessa at
phone: vanessa at 206.227-7757
invite your friends

Authentic Movement ...

Authentic Movement Groups

The daffodils have pushed their way out of the ground, trees are blossoming
and my favorite flowers, the sweetly scented daphne, are in full bloom.
March is beginning to bring the ‘feel’ of spring as we start to make this
transition out of winter and into longer days and more light.
.Authentic Movement provides a gentle pathway for feeling deeply into our
physical and emotional bodies, and finding more meaningful access to the
richness of the present moment. Through this practice of moving and
witnessing with open attention, we explore and expand self-awareness,
self-acceptance and self-expression.

This spring there are a variety of ways to explore Authentic Movement. In
addition to these groups, I am also available for individual sessions, if
that feels more appropriate. Hope to see you soon. And feel free to pass
this along to others who may be interested.

In these one day workshops, we will enter as movers, into the practice of
not knowing and discovering what is there.  By allowing internal impulse to
'move us', we strengthen our ability to let ourselves live a little more
freely, while being more present with the emerging moment. Open to all
experience levels.

Sunday, March 18 10am-12:30pm       $35
Palace Studio  226 NW Bowdoin Place, 98107

Saturday, April 7, 10:00am-12:30pm     $35
Grass Roots Studio - 5609 34th Ave SW, 98126

Sunday, 10am-1pm   May 6     $75/couple
Palace Studio  226 NW Bowdoin Place, 98107

The desire to be seen, to have someone truly be present for us, is one of
the deepest and oldest experiences of the self. Intimate relationship has
the potential for meeting this need, and yet so often misses the mark or
evokes our old wounds of 'failure to be seen'. The practice of Authentic
Movement, through the structure of mover and witness, and the invitation to
find language from 'our bones', touches into that place of longing, creating
a framework to really experience  one's fully embodied self in the presence
of another. We will have the chance to explore how we 'see' ourselves and
our partner in a warm and sometimes playful environment. Perhaps you'll
discover a 'new set of eyes'.

AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT at Swedish Hospital
Swedish Hospital, Cancer Institute, First Hill
5 Mondays 10am-12pm, April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14 and May 21
Open to the public. Drop-ins welcome. Free.

Through the practice of listening to our bodies and awakening to the realm
of felt sense we find a pathway into our deeper selves. As this pathway
becomes more easily available we come to reside more fully inside our

(Date to be confirmed. Likely in May)
10am-5:30pm     $85

It’s time for another Vashon Retreat in a beautiful studio nestled in the
trees. We will enjoy a spacious day in community, moving, witnessing,
sharing food and opening to what emerges through this process. This is a
wonderful retreat for new or experienced movers who want to devote a full
day, and a ferry ride, to the practice.

Pre-registration for all groups/classes is required.
For more information or to register contact Susan Baum at (206) 778-9183 or
at authenticmovement(at)

Susan Baum is a psychotherapist in private practice who has discovered the
joy and delight of dance and movement as a means of engaging in life more
fully. Her approach to Authentic Movement is informed by her training in
psychology, and her experience as a mover guides her holistic and body-based
approach to therapy. Susan brings her warmth and lively spirit what she
does, and provides an attentive and experienced presence that supports
meaningful personal work.


What is Authentic Movement?

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound practice of self-exploration.
This “moving meditation” teaches us to listen to our bodies with tender
curiosity and encourages greater acceptance of ourselves and others.

As movers we begin in stillness with eyes closed, turning our attention
inward and allowing movement to emerge from our deeper selves. We learn to
stay present to our experience with open attention while coming to know what
it is to be moved from within. The presence of a devoted and non-judging
external witness supports our process by holding the space and offering a
‘container’ for our moving time.

In time we become available to witness others, witnessing with an
openhearted and receptive attitude and tracking both the mover and our own
internal experience. As witnesses we explore the very fibers of what we can
know of ourselves. After each moving period, mover and witness have the
opportunity to dialogue, each speaking with heartfelt precision about what
has unfolded. Empathy grows, and we open more easily to insight, genuine
care and compassion.

Susan Baum MA LMHC
Psychotherapy for the Body and Mind
402 NE 72nd St Suite 5
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 778-9183


Susan Baum is a psychotherapist in private practice who has discovered the joy and delight of dance and movement as a means of engaging in life more fully. Her approach to Authentic Movement is informed by her training in psychology, and her experience as a mover guides her holistic and body-based approach to therapy. Susan brings her warmth and lively spirit to what she does, and provides an attentive and experienced presence that supports meaningful personal work.


When: Wednesdays 5:30-7 pm, Sundays 10- 12 am
Contact: Awal Alhassan (206) 902-7379 AwalAlhassan(at)
Cost: $10.00
Where: Wednesdays at Studio 900 (900 N 34th St in Fremont) & Sundays at Velocity Dance (915 E Pine St on Capitol Hill)
Description: Classes led by Awal Alhassan from the Northern Region of Ghana, who has over twenty years of experience teaching and performing professionally. He's from a traditional drumming and dancing family of the Dagomba tribe, and has led many groups and performances. We are lucky to have him here in Seattle, so come learn this beautiful art form and get your body moving!!


WHEN: 1st AND 3rd Mondays Only 1st Monday in MAY - May 5. 7:30-9:30pm
FACILTATOR: Jens Wazel 206.227.7763
COST: $12 drop in / $60 for 6 class card
WHERE: 1506 Franklin Ave E, Hengst Studio (old Little Red Studio)
DESCRIPTION: Dive deep into the heart of the dance. Move from the inside out in the sanctuary of community. This class is inspired by Soul Motion™. Come as you are!


 FRIDAY 10am - noon
FACILITATOR: Ko (Kelly) Darlington 425-471-5479 
COST: $20 - $40.  Sliding scale.
WHERE: Ravenna - Call to register & get directions
DESCRIPTION: A semi-private sound-movement-meditation-bodywork experience.  Dive deep into a 90 minute gentle and dynamic,  transformational movement journey. Instruction given in a deep movement practice with roots in Continuum (, Craniosacral Therapy, Unwinding, &  Shamanic healing using Tibetan Bowls and Drum.  Embody, activate, and awaken with sound, stillness, and movement