Body of Movement

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Body of Movement at Shift Studio

October 17th, 2017, 11:50am-1:15pm

Shift Movement & Healing Arts
 3517 Stone Way N, Seattle, Washington 98103

Open to all who wish

Please arrive on time - it is essential we begin together

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FAQs:  What can I expect? How does it work?  Is it like Ecstatic Dance?  Is it for me?  Moving with the Centers

Body of Movement is a vehicle for transformation, an epiphany of connection with others, and a way to utilize the energy of the body. Let’s come together to open our expressive selves, build a vocabulary to converse with our bodies, and combine our efforts into a larger work.

Each class starts with a brief exercise to introduce ways of working with the body centers and with each other. The practice is carried out primarily through freeform movement to music, set between an invigorating starting routine and a closing ritual movement sequence.

To deepen our expression and sensation, we will:

Please read more about moving with the chakras at


Enrich the expressive capability of the body,

Transcend habitual postures/attitudes/range of motion in order to dynamically access those expressive capabilities

Increase ability to navigate challenging music, which will translate to other movement and dance practices

Enhance sensitivity to the group experience and empathy

Please note that this is primarily a workshop on movement as a way to self discovery, not about Chakras. We use the paradigm of Chakras to help us develop a vocabulary to communicate with our bodies. We focus on the physical functions of the body corresponding to the Chakras in order to establish a link to the subconscious.

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About the facilitator: Bruce Carloye has been dancing since 1996 and creating dances since 1998 - including Flying Turtle, Changing Room, and the Sunday Movement Group in Seattle. He is a facilitator/trainer for Houston’s Dance Evolution. Bruce has explored a wide range of mind/body/dance modalities, including Butoh, Gurdjieff Movements, Contact Improv, Authentic Movement, modern dance, Continuum, Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms ®, and the primary source for this class: Pablo Bobbio’s Silent Language of the Body.

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