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What's the Body of Movement Work All About?


The fundamental idea behind this work is to practice the transformation necessary to enjoy freedom of being.


We all have obstacles, habitual ways of reacting, which prevent us from fully expressing who we are in the world.  The act of coming together to work on the common goal of recognizing and transforming these obstacles is the single most important element of creating this group: just coming together to do work together. Our wishes and desires are powerful and exhilarating creative forces so much more so when we are there to support each other. 


In this class we employ several tools to circulate energy through the body’s functional centers (chakras) to achieve a greater self awareness and mastery of the body. 


We start the main part of the class in circle with a warmup routine we do together (a sort of chakra aerobics), then we are released into "free style" movement (dance).  At the end we come back into circle for closing movements akin to yoga


The primary work is carried out by maintaining awareness while moving to music, which stimulates the chakras and releases information stored in the body.


Changes in the music highlight our habitual patterns and challenge us to be flexible in making choices.  Do we love or hate dancing to holiday music?  Can we try responding differently?  Moving to widely varied, multicultural music connects us with other perspectives and unfamiliar forms of expression, which helps us to re-evaluate our habits of posture and communication.


These habitual, customary postures are internal as well as external. Social conditioning creates stereotypes, such as “brainy,” “dumb athlete,” “over-emotional,” and other self-confining categories. When a person identifies with a habit, the idea of modifying it is terrifying, because of the effort of change, the chance of failure, and the fear of losing one’s identity. We feel safer with that which we think we know. 


Learning to align and circulate energy through all the body centers (chakras) allows us to confront these fears and to integrate ourselves in the world while preserving our individuality. We rely upon courage and a sincere wish to do this work. The key is to love yourself profoundly and to be able to challenge whatever holds you back, passing through this change with self-acceptance and discernment.


Once we grasp that change is possible, it is easier to pursue it outside the studio, in the relationships and circumstances of everyday life.  One can think more clearly when one has to think, feel more intensely and sincerely when one has to feel, act with more decisiveness and efficiency when one has to act.


Bruce & Beth

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