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Body of Movement
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How is the class structured?

 The first 20 minutes will be an introduction where I describe/demonstrate the 5 centers we work with and have an exercise to practice working with them.  For instance, I might play some music and ask everyone to discover how each center could move to it, or how two centers could relate to each other. We start the main part of the class in circle with a warmup routine we do together (a sort of chakra aerobics), then we are released into "free style" movement (dance).  At the end we come back into circle for closing movements akin to yoga.

Is it like Ecstatic Dance?

Hmmm…is an apple like a pomegranate? The two are indeed both members of a broader family. For the most part, Body of Movement is still a freeform format, but focused more on working together to explore the mystery of our bodies and relationships.  The class utilizes diverse genres of music to expand expressive capability. The musical journey progresses through relationships of the centers rather than following the standard rise and denouement of ecstatic dance

Am I expected to work only with one center (Chakra) at a time?

No.  The flow of the music is chosen to emphasize different centers at different times so that we can fully open our expression.   This doesn't mean, however, that you have to move your hips (2nd center) if salsa is playing, even though the music emphasizes that center.  Follow your intuition and curiosity.  You might find a way to relate other centers to the music.  Even richer if you find ways to relate centers to each other.  You may find yourself working with the centers without realizing it at all.

Can you share an example of how this works?
Once while dancing at Flying Turtle, for example, I found that allowing my movement to arise from my middle center during a rambly jazz piece allowed me to open and dance with abandon even though I initially resisted that style of music. Allowing myself to inhabit the gushy gluttony tummy part of my body gave me permission to literally move beyond my rigid, limiting self perception into a new realm. Lucky I had my chakra toolkit with me to find a way into the music!  Let's try this together.

Is this for experienced dancers?

 Body of Movement is for everybody with a curiosity about moving the body and opening to a deeper expression of themselves. For those new to dance, the absence of preconceptions can be an advantage. We provide a framework to help you explore, but the format is open to let your intuition run free.  Even the most experienced movers find new ways to work with the energy of the body.

May I bring my child?
To ensure an environment with few distractions we cannot allow children, alas, not even our own.

Do I have to sign up?
Our intention is to have a consistent group of around 10 people.  However, each class is open to everyone.  We do encourage you to make it to the first one on April 2nd so we can begin this journey together. Check in with us on the event's facebook page: B-Om on Facebook

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