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Welcome To The Flying Turtle Shell!
A family of dances brought to you by Bruce Carloye, Scot Robinson, and friends

 Body of Movement

Flying Turtle Dance

 Changing Room

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Body of Movement
with Bruce Carloye and Beth Hollingsworth


More Info    Movement With the Chakras

This group is dedicated to those who wish to practice the art of transformation.  Let's see what happens when we show up together week after week with a strong intention to “work” with movement, with energy, with each other.


We will start with a physical warm up together that propels us into the dance.  The music will be widely varied, but here the point isn’t having different music but rather being different in ourselves with the music.  The music embarks on a unique journey each time.


"We meet with all the intention and bewilderment of mountaineers."


Special events:


Changing Room
~Behind the curtain awaits a Universe of Worlds~

March 8th, 2014

OmCulture Studio
2210 N. Pacific St, Seattle, WA 98103
Located on the corner of N 35th and Pacific Ave N near Gasworks Park

More about Changing Room

Changing Room is a partner of the Fremont Arts Council check them out!

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For theme dances we create installations to encompass the dancers and often add elements of ritual.  Always looking for collaborators and new themes! let me know:

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